Spice Box is for you to experience and savor the unique fusion of Indian food engineering with tastes from around the world. A cancer biologist and a passionate food blogger, I moved from India to San Diego, California three years ago. Born in India, I lived in 11 cities across India while growing up and have traveled to over 12 countries till date. Most of my recipes are inspired by the culinary ideas I came across while traveling and the flavors that stayed with me. I use a combination of written recipes and detailed photos of ingredients and techniques so even the kitchen newbies feel empowered to recreate these dishes at home and enjoy a hearty meal.

For me, cooking is not a chore, but a fanciful escape into an artistic world of creating and playing with recipes where nothing can go wrong. Come experience the same with me while you get comfortable with the most intriguing part of Indian cooking, the Indian Spices.